Community Power

  Transition St Goran is a small group which was set up in our local community over 2 years ago. We are trying to improve our community ties, encourage people to work together, meet up, share food, help each other & learn new skills. So far, it has been a very slow process & although we have lots of folks on our mailing list - there are usually only 8 of us that attend most meetings & support events... Our neighbours really don't know what they are missing! We have such lovely times together & on Saturday, we will be celebrating Earth Hour with shared food & hopefully a bonfire. We are very lucky that 2 of our members - Sara & Dave live at  Cotna , a fantastic home with land, just a mile from our house & they host most of our get-togethers. We will also be celebrating our first big achievement - 2 community wind turbines! Which will be going up this Summer. It's an exciting project & means that local people can invest & become shareholder

Lazy Muthas (& Fathers)

We have begun one of our biggest spring jobs today, re-opening 5 flats ready for the holiday season. Our afternoon has been spent cleaning windows, hanging curtains & checking inventories. It usually takes us a couple of weeks to get them all prepared, so we'll be back there tomorrow.  We do work really hard & when not working - we are incredibly lazy...  Sometimes we think it would be so nice to have a housekeeper. Well more of a friend, who would happily care for us - prepare meals when we are working, clean the house, chivvy the kids along.  Maybe it would be more of a lodger that could live with us for free in return for their help.  Is there anyone out there? Occasionally, we feel guilty about not getting things done, but most of the time - we just think why should we make ourselves unhappy constantly doing, when it's more fun just being... We would rather lie in bed chatting & laughing for hours on end, than clean the house or wash the car. Those jobs will a

Beautiful Film

After my mention of 'Banjo Man', our eldest sent a link to a film about him. Here's the link:  Sal's Blog Do check it out, it's lovely, happy, but also a bit sad & it made us cry! I was wrong - he actually plays a mandola, not a mandolin... Will do a better blog tomorrow... We've had an incredibly lazy day, stayed in bed until 2.30pm, have sore throats from talking for over 5 hours non-stop without food & drink & are ridiculously disorganised! We just get worse... Kay :)


On Wednesday, Hugo went to an animation workshop with the CAT group (Cornwall Alternative Teens).  It was held at Truro Library, so Sime & I decided we would have a mooch around the city ... We arrived early so we could get cheap parking. Then the three of us went for breakfast at another good veggie cafe called:  Archie Brown's .  We don't have a TV or buy newspapers, so the guys took the opportunity to read! Sime & Hugo opted for some unusual breakfast time drinks! The cafe make their own sourdough, which was delicious with some local eggs! After breakfast, Hugo went off to his workshop - where he decided to concentrate on making music for the animation... The CAT group made 2 videos with the help of Liz, who ran the workshop.          The kids really enjoyed themselves.  Next week they are having an  Adventure Day , so Hugo's really looking forward to that! It was a lovely day...  The guy in the yellow jacket is known as 'Banjo Man' although he


We have a habit of shelving non-urgent work & doing things like going out instead or even just staying in, but then suddenly we have lots of properties to prepare, laundry to sort & we end up having to cram in as much as physically possible! Today has been one of those days, two large house cleans & an interview with some new customers... Now I have no idea why we really feel the need to take on even more work & can't believe that I've let Sime persuade me yet again, but we've shaken hands on it & we'll be starting in April... The thing with this job is it's a holiday let, which means weekend changeovers & we've already got 6 properties to sort on Saturdays during the holiday season. So as we do at this time every year - we're having to think hard about the direction we want our business to go. Do we expand & take on staff? We have a couple of local women at the moment that help out when we're struggling & then there'

Day Out In Fal With Sal

Today we visited our eldest in Falmouth, which we haven't done for a long time - as she normally comes to us. Rose was able to come along too, so a Fam 5 day out! The kids always have lots of catching up to do! We were on our way to the library & saw this funny sight! Then it was up to one of our favourite veggie cafes - Cafe Cinnamon  for breakfast... Full English veggie breakfast at it's best! Next, we visited  Falmouth Art Gallery .  Where we enjoyed looking at their Masters of Photography Exhibition. There are also some great permanent pieces... This old lady & cat are 2 of our favourites! Back on the street... Where we discovered that Cancer Research had at last found the answer! Then it was on to Sal's flat for some Mint & Chilli Tea... Some of Sal's lovely lemon & poppy seed cup cakes... And some  Raw Chocolate Pie So another lovely day with our kidlets!  Now we're worn out & ready for bed... See you soon Kay & Sime xx

Sunny Sunday Morning

                                                                                                                It was a beautiful day again yesterday... So we took the opportunity to eat our porridge outside! Our house & garden... Our lovely landlord mows our lawn, as he likes it just so! The Luppy Boy. He loves us being outside... So does Flea. Sime's delicious porridge! Oh dear - it was a bit bright... Nothing like being sneaked up on - when you've just got out of bed... I still managed a smile though! Hope the weather's good wherever you are... Kay :)