Compost Surprise!

Look what Sime found in the compost bin tonight...

A nesting grass snake & we estimate her to be about 3ft long!

We've found out that she'll probably stay there for about 10 weeks & can hatch up to 40 eggs!

Although she's harmless - we're now trying to think of alternative ways of composting until she's gone...

Anybody know much about grass snakes?

Kay & Sime


    Jane x

  2. Oh, wow, she looks gorgeous! I do not know much about grass snakes, unfortunately, though....

  3. No, but I did scream very loudly when I saw one slither across our front path - I should add that I didn't know what it was. Our neighbour came round laughing and told me that it had been eating the fish out of his pond. It was huge. The boys were horrified that I hadn't caught it so that they could have kept it as a pet .. mmmmmm... xx

  4. With that snake there you know you won't have any mice in your compost! :) Hope you find a solution.
    xo Catherine

  5. What a lovely surprise. Aren't you lucky! I wonder if we've got anything like that in our compost bin. Before we moved them, hubby was sure we had rats in at least one of them, but probably foraging rather than nesting. I'm planning to grow some mint in the vicinity to try to deter them in future.

    The RSPB are asking us to count the birds and other animals in our garden this week, so that would be a great addition.

  6. P.S. Here's a short article: 'Spotlight on grass snakes'


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