The Angel

Hugo is 16 today!

In December he took part in a circus show called The Angel - he was the devil!

The show was amazing, but Sime had turned the flash off again, so the photos came out quite blurred, he did manage to get some footage of the finale.

The birthday boy has had a busy weekend spent with friends & also has a new furry friend, who he's enjoying getting to know!

One of our B&B guests said Hugo is a credit to us... 
A real gentleman!

He's certainly the most loveliest young chap we know!

Happy Birthday Buddy!

Lots of love, snugs & hugs,

Momwah & Popwah


  1. Happy birthday Hugo!!

    I just loved the performance. Such talent at such a young age! Very, very lovely.

  2. Happy Birthday for yesterday Hugo ( goodness he's a handsome chap). Xxx

  3. Have a great birthday Hugo! you make your Mum and Dad very proud, love from Aunty Kath x

  4. Happy Birthday, Hugo.
    Love from Mum

  5. Happy Birthday Hugo!!
    Today would have been my Grandaddy's birthday too. He'd have loved that performance, as did I. The music was fab.
    Jane x

  6. Happy Hapyy birthday Hugo. I loved watching the circus performance - what a lot of talented young people. Thanks for sharing.
    Love Leanne

  7. A belated happy birthday Hugo! Love J, L and KL

  8. I hope your Hugo had a terrific birthday! 16! Such an important age. Oh they grow so fast don't they? How did mine get to be 22 years old already? And yet, I'm not aging.... ;)

    Hope you are having a most wonderf week my friends!
    xo Catherine


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