Gone To The Beach...

We seem to have our photo allowance back.
 No idea how this has happened, but it's good!

We woke this morning to blue skies & sunshine - something we've not seen for a long time!
We've had rain most days for over 2 months now, which has caused so much damage around here...

Part of the coastal path has collapsed, so walkers are having to be diverted...

Our lane has been closed off to beach traffic for over a month...

Due to a landslide!
Cars can come up from the other side of the beach & they have a tendency to ignore the signs... 
This one had to reverse quite a long way!

We hope the council don't bother sorting the lane out - it would mean a quieter time during holiday season!

Our landlord's tractor tracks.

National Trust territory... 

The end of our lane with the beach at the bottom & a National Trust cottage.

More signs about the coastal path closure.

Rain water continues to come from our hamlet's fields.
This is the deepest we've seen the ford.

Hemmick Beach...

And our beach combing goodies...
Driftwood for the fire, bamboo (which Sime hopes to turn into something musical) & an old buoy which we threaded with seaweed for easy carriage.
Watch this space to see where the buoy ends up...

Sunset's a coming...

A friend in north Cornwall says it's snowing up there, nothing here though... Just chilly!

As it's Sunday - we're linking up with Sft's Sealed Pot Sunday. Check it out & join in.

We're doing really well with our saving, which you can read about on Sft's blog.

We still haven't come to a decision about where to go for our holiday, Scandinavia is a favourite, but we've also had another thought - which is to visit Switzerland, where we have some lovely friends who we haven't seen for a few years now...

Hope you've all had a good weekend & the snow doesn't stop play for those who have it!

Kay & Sime


  1. Hi Kay and Sime

    Glad you okay - looks so peaceful down with you despite the wet and the landslides. Look forward to see what you are going to do with your finds. We have snow forecast for tomorrow will have to wait and see. We are low lying and everywhere else tends to get it and we only really get it if it is bad. It is bitterly cold here tonight. Demetri opened the bathroom window again last night and was out when I got up this morning. I have taped the window down tonight as we don't want any more cold in.

    Take care the pair of you and hopefully catch up soon. Love and light



  2. That's a lot of rain! We had a summer like that a few years ago, but no mud slides. Just small flooding & lots of humidity (and mosquitoes).

    It's just so beautiful there and it looks peaceful, too.

    I'm excited to see where you end up going on vacation! Europe has so many gorgeous places. I'd have trouble deciding!

  3. no snow here Kay, just the odd spit of what feels like a sleet.
    Loved the pics of the beach at sunset and the little ford.
    Looking forward to seeing what Sime does with the buoy, I know it'll be something mad and wacky LOL

  4. Hi Pattypan - I've just seen that you've had snow, hope you got to work ok! We've had torrential rain again overnight... Surprise, surprise!

    Molly - I love all seasons, but there is something special about the beginning of a new year & it's the quietest time of the year here! We had a mosquito in the house last night - very strange... They are usually here Sept/Oct time! We hope to sort our holiday out soon - it's just not easy getting to places from Cornwall, especially 7 of us!

    Kath - I know snow causes so many problems, but I do miss seeing it... Sime hated it until we had a snow holiday in Bavaria. I'll have to post some photos from that holiday to make me feel better... Hahaha! Our dining room gets wackier by the day, Sime now thinks a broken umbrella might make a better light shade over the table - goodness knows what he'll do with the buoy!!!

  5. Oh, I'd love a lane from the house to the beach...not here though...it would be a heck of a walk.
    Jane x

  6. I just love Sime's beard. Give it a stoke for me!
    Love from Mum

  7. Can't wait to get down to you and walk on that beach!

    Sft x


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