Mindful Eating, Mindful Life

Hope you're all eating mindfully!



  1. I was pleased to know I am doing everything Ms Cheung advises, but I know my portions are too large. I will definitely try using a 9" plate, ooh that sounds very small :-O

    Thanks for posting, I love your videos!

  2. Kath - We're the same... I thought a 9" plate was for the side dish! Saying that though, we do tend to eat more veggies than anything else, I'm sure you're the same!

    Kay ;)

  3. I'll have to see if our library has this book. I'd love to read it! I read Peace Is Every Step when I was a teenager and just loved it.

    I do most of these steps, like not skipping meals, eating plant based and using smaller plates (as well as bowls), but there are a few I have to work on. Great video!

  4. Molly - We love Thich Nhat Hanh, he seems such a beautiful, gentle man! Glad you like the video - It's just good to remind ourselves of mindfulness!

    Kay :)


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