Natural Light

Thursday View

We are linking up with Jane for the Thursday view.

Except, it was such a lovely afternoon yesterday - we thought we'd take some photos early...

Lupe sitting on the dining room window ledge - enjoying the last hour of sunshine.
Though it was still very cold with the chilly wind! 

The view from the window seat next to our dining table.

The sitting room window.

View from our guest room's back window...

And from the side window.

The view from our bedroom this morning...

Our window ledge is where Lupe enjoys being in the summer. 
He likes showing off to folks coming & going down to the beach!

Have a lovely Thursday.

Kay & Sime


Jane and Chris said…
Lovely views...and so green!
My photos aren't up yet (tut tut),I've been trying to get shots that show something other than white outs.
Jane x
Kath said…
how lovely to wake up in your guest room and see such a beautiful view.
Hahaha! We wouldn't mind a white out... Just for a change!

Kay :)
Thanks Kath - but for most folks who stay, it's the quiet & the darkness (no street lights) that they always comment on.

Kay :)
Anonymous said…
You have some lovely views! I really like your sun catchers, too. :)
Catherine said…
A window full of sunshine is a perfect place for kitties! Cute!
xo Catherine
Thanks Molly - we like our sun catchers too!

Kay :)
Thanks Catherine - Lupe just loves sitting on the windowsills... Or wherever he can find a sunny spot!

Kay :)