Natural Light

Pier Pressure

Just a quickie before we head off to work...

I think we were the only people who noticed the birds at the end of the pier!

Hope you can see them ok - it looks like a black cloud above the pier.
Enjoy & have a good day!

Kay & Sime


Doohie said…
How could anyone miss that? Starlings are beautiful birds. We have a cheeky one here who comes to ask us for sultanas.
How lovely! I went to uni in Aberystwyth and we had similar starling swooping's amazing! But I've never felt the same about them after looking up at a flock of starlings and getting bird poop in my mouth - urgh!
Mum said…
We have starlings coming to roost on the pier at Blackpool - a spectacular site.
Love from Mum
Unknown said…
Thank you for sharing, that a wonderful site.

Sft x
Anonymous said…
I can see them! There must have been so many of them in that flock. Very cool!