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Rewilding Our Life - Day 2

We've been working in Portmellon today, which is about 2 miles along the coast from us.
A lot of the folks we work for now really depend on us, it's much more than just cleaning these days & we are really happy to help out whenever we can. 
Today, we just felt it would be nice to offer to take our furry friend out after we cleaned her house.

Today's activity is to be up somewhere high.
There are no mountains in Cornwall, though there are a couple of stunning hills - but they are quite a drive away from here. We had to work all day, so only had an hour spare before picking up Bebe from daycare.

Heading on the coast path from Portmellon to Chapel Point...

And looking down towards Chapel Point.

Lovely Tara.

Us in the pouring rain with Chapel Point behind us...

Here's what it's like in the summer.

Kay & Sime


Hindustanka said…
I love seeing your photos! I have never been there, and it is really a pleasure to visit the place with you in your blog.