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Last night we went over to our friends' at Cotna again for a leaving & birthday party...
We enjoyed yet another fabulous feast of veggie food with friends old & new.

The salad leaves & potatoes are all grown on the smallholding.
And there were lots of lovely dishes to accompany, including Bulgarian Bean Soup, Indian Lentil Dhal, Arabian Rice, Mexican Corn Bread & Cornish Rock Samphire...
Amazingly, none of us ever discuss what we're making, but it always works out just perfectly & as ever - we had a great night with lovely folks! 

Happy 25th Birthday to Matteo!
Who enjoyed another of Magie's delicious cakes.

 Matteo has been WWOOFing at Cotna for a year now...
And is sadly leaving tomorrow to travel around the UK before returning home to Italy in September.

We've all enjoyed getting to know him & hope he will keep in touch.

Hope you've all had or are having a good weekend.
It's been quite stormy here since just after midnight last night...

Thank goodness for our wood burner! 

Kay & Sime


Kath said…
OMG that cake looks divine. I can't remember the last time I ate cake :-O
Very windy here, there's a North Easterly hitting the back of our house. Branches down, gate blown off, roaring sounds in the chimneys. Fire roaring, and it's Beltane next week!

Glad you had a great evening, it's good to be with like-minded people and share good food.
Thanks Kath - Watching everyone eat Magie's cake was incredibly difficult - they are the most delicious... I think they are the one non-vegan food I miss! We used to run a community cafe together & the highlight of our day was closing & feasting on the leftovers, especially Magie's cakes!

We haven't ventured out today, but imagine it's bad around here too - it certainly sounds it!

Kay :)
Unknown said…
A miserable few days here. But now we have blue skies and a beautiful evening.

We've been so grateful for our wood burner too. Can't believe we're still using it.

Sounds like you had a wonderful time with your friends. The cake looks delicious.

Sft x
Mrs Thrifty said…
Still raining here - it's been days and days - a well - a good excuse to stay in and have tea and crumpets. What an amazing meal you had xx
Thanks Sft - blue skies, I think I remember those!

We did have a great time & everyone said the cake was amazing!

Kay :)
Thanks Mrs Thrifty - still bad here too, though not as windy.

We always have lovely shared meals with our friends, we're lucky that everyone makes great food!

Tea & crumpets sounds good!

Kay :)
Pattypan said…
Looks as though you had a good time; its nice to party at home with friends or at the home of friends much more relaxed and enjoyable and taking something and then joining all the dishes together adds to variety and taste

North Easterly hooley here too all day torrential rain most of the day even Demetri declined to go out and camped out under the dining room table without kicking off. Demetri could be a brother/dead ringer of one of your cats - they look very alike.

Hope the rain stops falling soon for you and for us. Just take care and will catch up soon


Hi Pattypan - you're right & the room we dined in was in their straw bale barn - just lovely!

I think the north easterly is supposed to be changing direction by tomorrow, so it should get better...

We haven't seen any photos Demetri, is he a tortoise shell or black?

Keep those joints warm!

Kay :)
Pattypan said…
Just posted some photos for you to have a look at him


Catherine said…
Looks like it was a wonderful celebration Kay!
Wishing you a very happy week!
xo Catherine
Thank you - it's uncanny the likeness!

Kay :)
Thanks Catherine - having a lovely week so far!

Kay :)

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