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Kitchen In Kernow

You may think that all Sime does is sit around playing guitars...
He does do a lot of that, but he also makes a mean...

Pot of nettle tea...

And the most delicious porridge in the world ♥
With pears, bananas, goji berries, linseeds, sesame seeds, molasses & cinnamon.

He also makes incredible scrambled tofu with onions, garlic, beansprouts, chopped greens & miso. 
Nice with rice or on toast!

He makes fantastic pasta sauces too - this one is just a quick one made with a tin of tomatoes, but he starts all the veg off in water & he knows better than me how long to cook it all for... He used smoked paprika, basil & oregano along with the veg & a little black pepper. Fresh herbs really make the dish! 

This is a dish we made together - a vegetable bake. 
The base is made from millet & quinoa, cooked together & then some soy sauce & chopped raw garlic added at the end. It's a great way of using up any leftover steamed or roasted veg - just add to a base of onions, garlic & mushrooms (cook in water with some cumin, turmeric & coriander), we mixed it together with some kidney beans too & finished off adding a large dollop of miso & juice of half a lemon.
Pile it on top of the millet & quinoa & cover in breacrumbs, season & we sprinkle some nutritional yeast on too. 

Sime was craving mushy peas too, so I made them with split peas, mint, a little seaweed & another dollop of miso. Sime is the mash champ - he adds our homemade oat & almond milk with a spoonful of wholegrain mustard & black pepper.

And now he's whipping up another delight in the kitchen....

Before we head off to see The Hunger Games at the local flea pit!

Bye for now.

Kay  :)


Unknown said…
What a cook!

Sft x
Mrs Thrifty said…
Wow, those all look really impressive - going to copy the porridge and maybe some of the other recipes too - thank you xx
Kath said…
ooh that all makes my mouth water. I will try the veggie bake tomorrow as I have some leftover roast veggies. I wasn't keen on the miso as a soup, but I added a sachet to tonight's spicy veg stew.
My tofu arrived today from Riverford, so I'll be making the tofu scramble as well!
Well done Sime, a man who cooks is worth his weight in gold :-D
Thanks Kath - Here's a link to our favourite miso which we buy from the health shop:

Look forward to seeing how you get on!

Kay :)
Thanks Mrs Thifty - hope you enjoy them!

Kay :)
Thanks Sft - We both love cooking & are very passionate about what we eat!

Kay :)
just Gai said…
Your meals always look so interesting. I'd be up for experimenting with our diet but I'm not sure it would go down well with others in my household!
Thanks Gai - maybe you could incorporate a meat-free day once a week & all take it in turns to come up with a new dish!

Kay :)
Mrs Thrifty said…
Kay, could you blog about how to make oat milk - I can do the almond - would be very grateful - thanks xxx
Catherine said…
Mr. Smith appears to be a good guy to have around! ;)
Hope you enjoyed the movie!
xo Catherine
We use oat groats & soak for 24 hours. We bought a second hand milk maker a couple of years ago, but you can probably make it in your blender. We use 2 tablespoons of oat groats to a litre of water.

Kay :)
Thanks Catherine - He is & we did!

Kay :)
just Gai said…
Good idea. I'm actually working on a four week menu plan that will include a couple of meat free days every week. I was going to run it past my daughter but you're right, it would be better to let her choose the dishes.
Anonymous said…
I'm hungry.