Natural Light


Our baby girl is poorly!

It sounds like Ryan is doing a fantastic job looking after her...
But we want to see her & shower her with herbal remedies, fruit & advice!
She's not going to like it & probably won't listen...
 But she's our little girl...

Looking forward to giving you a big hug sweet little Sallness!!!

Love Momwah & Poppalopsy

♥ xx ♥


Kath said…
Aw, get well soon, lovely girl!
Anonymous said…
Feel better soon.
Thank you Kath & Mel - sure she will be fine soon, just glad we saw her at the weekend.

Kay :)
Pattypan said…
Ooh nasty poor kid. Hope she feels much better soon. I am glad that you got to see her and to give some parental tlc much as they protest I think they secretly are calmed by the visit and of course making sure that they are stocked with things to make her feel more comfortable. Hope all is better soon.