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Trebarwith Strand

We had the pleasure of meeting a blog friend & her family yesterday...
We suggested we met up at Trebarwith Strand, a tiny seaside hamlet close to Tintagel.

It rained heavily the whole time & the stream flowing into the sea was in spate...

And more like white rapids!

We had found this place on t'internet & thought it sounded nice.
We spent 3 hours chatting non-stop & the food was ok, but I was disappointed that they say on their website that the bread is home made, but it didn't seem it to us...

Being the greedy guts of the group - Sime & I had cashew nut & celery soup to start, then we had nut burgers - which were quite tasty (but the cheap white rolls were awful)!
The cafe owner was a bit loud & abrupt, he also made a little joke about us staying for so long...
Anyway, we were so busy chatting that we forgot to photograph the food, but nevermind...

It could have been better, so we're not going to give them a plug!

So who did we meet?

J, KL & Scarlet...  

Scarlet was everything we imagined - lovely, friendly, warm & northern! 
(We miss hearing northern accents down here, so that was a real treat)

Although Scarlet's blog is more about living frugally & renovating her home on a budget - which looks great!
I feel we have connected because of our poor treatment from the NHS... We also discovered that we both decided to research our (different) conditions, become experts & have made or are beginning to make changes to our lives - for the better!

Scarlet & J share a real bond...
They are very warm & gentle with each other & their daughter, KL
(who, by the way - is gorgeous)!

We are very happy to have met them all (though 3 hours just wasn't enough) & hope we get to see them again soon.

We have more guests arriving this evening from The Netherlands, so the birthday boy is pottering about!

Hope you all have a good weekend.

Kay & Sime


Jane and Chris said…
Lucky you meeting Scarlet and family! Glad you had a wonderful time. Isn't it funny how it feels as though you have known blog friends for ever?
Jane x
Scarlet said…
You've made me a little teary - in a good way. We had a fab time too and we hope to see you again next week- 3 hours just wasn't long enough!
Hi Jane, It's great fun meeting up with blog friends... With Scarlet we get to do it all again next week - yay!

K&S :)
Sorry! Enjoy your last night... Hope it's dry for the big pack up in the morning - think you'll love Mullion & at least you'll be dry!

See you next week.

K&S :)
Mrs Thrifty said…
Oh how lovely ... that was how I felt when I met with Jane in Canada - sure we'll meet one day too Kay xx
I think we will too - that would be very nice!

Kay x
Kath said…
How lovely to meet up with blog friends. I would love to have a big party where we could all get together and meet in person, wouldn't that be fun (and exhausting- imagine all the chatter!).
Catherine said…
How fun to meet up with blog friends! It makes the world a little smaller of a place doesn't it? Wonderful!
Wishing you and your sweetie a lovely week Kay!
xo Catherine