Rozzy Raspberry

Our beautiful Daughter is 21 today!

Little Rose was born at home - watched by her big Sis...
It was a fantastic birth & she was greeted with us all singing happy birthday!

She had her first holiday at 2 weeks old...
Though she wasn't that impressed with Welsh beaches!

Her first birthday & getting a taste for chocolate!

She adored that little red hat...
And even slept with it on!

A lovely, caring, generous girl who everyone adores!

And she hasn't changed a bit...

Rose & Asa have gone to the city of Bath for her birthday...

She really has grown up!

Happy Birthday Sweetie Pie - we love you very much!!!

Momma & Popsy 


  1. Happy Birthday lovely girl!

  2. Happy Birthday!! Such a beautiful girl.

  3. Our kids grow up much too fast don't they? What a beautiful girls ~ hope you had a terrific birthday!
    xo Catherine


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