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Our Garden

Loving this weather, although lunchtime today just got too hot!
Eating outside again is great & amazingly - it's pretty quiet around here...
In just 2 weeks time it will become very busy here & both the camp site & hostel will be full, so no doubt the rain will start then!
For now, we can just enjoy the peace - lying in bed in a morning is wonderful when all we can hear are a few birds, then the school holidays happen & it's back to screaming children with angry parents...
Nevermind, only two more months before the Summer is over!

We've not long eaten outside & while enjoying the sunshine - we decided to have a proper look at the garden... These photos were taken around 8pm tonight:

This is our Christmas Tree, which has sprouted some paler green shoots!

Have no idea what this plant is, but it grows like a carpet...
It's quite a novelty to see spiders' webs in the garden at this time of year, as it's usually quite wet.

Another alpine plant, they thrive really well in our garden.
It gets quite windy up here & the back is very exposed...

Lovely flowers!

Most of the plants were put in by our landlord, who often comes over to weed & put new plants in.

This is Sea Breeze - it grows all over & has bounced back even though for the first time was attacked by frost last Winter...

The slugs & snails mustn't like Sage & Mint... 

Or Thyme...

Hugo's action man came to a grim end some years ago, though remains a feature...
Not sure where the rest of his body ended up!

We've worked long hours these last 2 days & we're tired...

Time to watch a DVD - we're massive fans of The Wire, so have been waiting for a long time for this series to be out:

And it's been well worth the wait!!!

Hope you're having a great weekend!

Kay & Sime xx


Kath said…
I need to try some of those plants Kay, it's very windy here. We are on a hill, facing NW and its pretty flat between here and the sea. I have been perusing my gardening books lokking for plants for "exposed areas" LOL
taueret said…
The slugs love mint and thyme in our garden. We've (OK, Melvin) have made raised veg beds and the slugs don't attack in there so much.

Funny action man pic - I have a similar one taken on the beach in Barcelona. Must post it.
Anonymous said…
Your garden looks wonderful. RIP Mr. Action Man.
Your garden is so pretty, all the little flowers are so colourful! Glad you're enjoying sitting in it, I've been doing the same in mine!
Kath - alpine plants are definitely the answer!

Lesley, Mel & Sooz - We've had heavy rain today, so the slugs & snails have moved in & are wrecking the garden as I write...

Kay :)

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