Back Home

We have arrived home to a chilly and wet Cornwall, where our lovely Fleaby was waiting in the barn for us and has wanted lots of cuddles and fuss.

We took a ferry from Roscoff in Brittany to Plymouth and for the first time, we experienced armed military police on board the ship...apparently for our security!

As always, we take our picnic basket with us and enjoyed our usual feast of salad with rustic baguette and a vegan forest vegetable pâté.

Last night, we were welcomed home with a supper of foraged food prepared by Sara at Cotna, which was delicious...unfortunately, we didn't get any photos.

Today, we have cooked a simple stir-fry for Day 10 of World Vegan Month.

We fried carrots with spring onions in soy sauce, ground turmeric and cumin...

Then added chunky cloves of garlic, mushrooms and kale.
Plus a Puy lentil and soya bean mix from France and some brown rice. 
Finishing off with the juice of a whole lemon and some ground black pepper.
Tasty, simple and filling!

We have had such a lovely time, but it's nice to be home with our kitty!

Back to work tomorrow, luckily we have great clients these days - so looking forward to catching up with them all!

Love Kay and Sime xx


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