Fava Bean Stew and Braised Cabbage

World Vegan Month Day 19.

Tonight's dinner... We cooked up onions, garlic, sundried tomatoes in soy sauce, cumin, smoked paprika, sage and thyme.

We added carrots and French beans and cooked them with water, yeast extract, tomato puree and boiling water and simmered for 30 minutes.

We then added Fava Beans and roasted butternut squash and continued simmering for another 20 minutes.

We also braised a savoy cabbage in the oven in red wine and balsamic vinegar with chopped pear, pickled onions and dried rosemary. 

 After 40 minutes, we added chunks of leftover nut roast and baked for another 20 minutes...

And served with a baked potato.


Love Kay and Sime xx


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