What Do You See?

"Those who contemplate the beauty of the earth find reserves of strength that will endure as long as life lasts."

~ Rachel Carson ~

Isn't it beautiful how nature has a desire to cover up abandoned human junk?
All our stuff lying around roadsides, in driveways, gardens and waste ground slowly being absorbed by nature.

We find it fascinating and although it's sad to see so much discarded stuff around, we love how nature always fights back.

Luckily, we both share similar views as to what we consider to be beautiful because otherwise, we probably wouldn't have our little house. It needs lots of TLC and was so overgrown when we first saw it - as it was again this visit, but we both absolutely love it and don't see it like others do...our new neighbours think we are crazy to have bought the house, although it's more the size which makes them laugh rather than the condition. 

We think it's rather sad that so many folks don't see beauty in the same way we do, or is it that we are both just easily pleased? Sometimes we wonder how on earth we turned out to be so different from our families and friends back home. How did we end up on such a completely different path? 
We have spent many hours trying to work it out and still can't come up with an answer...

A woman we worked with last year asked us what it felt like to get to our age and have nothing to show for it...hahaha! 
If we'd stayed in the north of England, we would have paid off our mortgage by now and would own our 3 bedroomed semi. We'd be earning more, have savings and decent work pensions, but we would still be treated like freaks by most of the neighbours, be verbally abused for being different and be mind numbingly bored!
We were meant to move away and make changes to our lives and the things we have experienced and the connections we have made since living in Cornwall have been far more rewarding than a 3 bedroomed semi.  

Here in the Auvergne, we see beauty all around us - the valley down below and the forests up above.
Those forests, like so many across our planet are being ripped down and for what? 
How many people continue to buy new furniture without a second thought? Then just throw their old furniture away? Does this really still happen? Is there not enough furniture already in the world? Do we really need more? 

We are not part of that old world, where people are obsessed with new stuff.
We are part of the new world, where there is consideration in what is bought and where there is happiness in thrift and making do.

We don't have much money, but what we do have is compassion and concern for our planet.
We are surrounded by the love and support of good people and the joyful relationships we have with animals.

This is the real beauty and no money in the world can match it.

Love Kay and Sime xx


  1. Yes, you are rich.
    (And the lady you worked with who would ask such a question, is not).

  2. Thank you Cathy, we know it, but she really doesn't, as many people don't...Perception is a fascinating thing! 😊


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