Natural Light

No Improvement

Our connection is now getting worse & nobody seems to know why! A BT engineer came out & left completely baffled, so we have no idea what will happen next. While BT & our ISP battle it out regarding responsibility of the problem, we have asked for our MAC code - so we can at least go with another company, which will probably be BT (although I'd rather not). At least if there is a problem - they won't be able to pass the blame any more!

Today, we can't look at all blogs, or comment & can't even upload our photos from the weekend...

Sime's gig was great, visiting North Cornwall again was lovely & yesterday we spent the afternoon in Mevagissey - pretending we were on holiday!

Amazingly, we've managed to put a video on from the gig - it's very dark (our old camera...), but the sound is quite good & it's one of my favourite Dolphin songs. It won't be everyone's cup of tea, but have a look & let us know what you think...

Bye for now,

Kay & Sime xx


Anonymous said…
Sorry about the computer trouble - what a mess.
The song rocks!! My daughter and I just listened to it.
Thanks Mel, hopefully we'll get some better footage soon.

Take care, Simon