Natural Light

Day Of Meetings

We arrived in Stoke...
The weather is mild, so I don't think we'll need the thermals on today.

We're meeting with 5 people involved with Bebe's care.

We've also found that she's being paying a plumber to do lots of jobs in the house & he's been charging rather a lot. Sime's going to find out what's going on there too...

A busy day ahead, but so nice to have a warm start!

See you later,

Kay :)


Kath said…
I hate it that old folks get taken advantage of. One of the old ducks I cared for paid a chap £60 to fix her TV, which was still not working. when our driver went in he pushed the aerial lead back into it's socket and job done!
Love to Bebe, I'm sure Sime will fight her corner.
Catherine said…
Good luck with everything today Kay! Hopefully Sime can get to the bottom of the plumber thing.
xo Catherine
Karin said…
Hope you sort the plumber out and he hasn't been taking advantage of her, but sadly some people do just that. Enjoy your trip.