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My thyroid has become over active again!

Found out today that my T4 is 74 - it should be between 11 & 22...

I've known for a few weeks that things weren't right, but I was hoping it would all just disappear & leave me alone... Not a chance, it's here to stick around & I've got to deal with it yet again.

I think my body doesn't cope well with stress & exhaustion, so it's time to make some changes.
I know I will recover again - once we slow down & we have now made the decision that the crazy changeovers will have to go... 
This Saturday will be our last full day of cleaning & then we can take it a bit easier.

I am really hating work at the moment, probably because I am struggling physically - my muscles are weak, my heart is pounding at around 100 bpm, I am breathless, always hungry & losing weight.

The doctor has prescribed carbimazole again, but I really don't want to take it. 
Luckily, I have some herbal tincture left from last year  - though I've looked at buying more & it's proving very difficult... 
The government have decided to clamp down on the sale of complementary medicines & unfortunately, Bugleweed has been stopped. Apparently, it's an EU decision, but only the UK are following orders...
We think we live in a democracy - well we don't.

Why should I have to buy nasty drugs from my doctor, when I'd prefer to buy from a herbalist?
Why should I be forced into taking drugs that have caused diabetes & bone marrow disorders in so many patients? 
I have also refused again to drink radioactive iodine. 

I refuse to be used for research.
I will not be pushed into a corner by anyone. 
I know my body & I will do what is right for me.

Anyway, the good news is my iron levels are fine!!!

Time to book a holiday & come up with some new money making ideas!

Kay :)


Anonymous said…
Oh my goodness, Kay,
I can tell by looking at your picture that you have lost weight. I hope you are going to be alright. Be sure to rest and I hope you can get your hands on the remedies that will make you feel better.
Sorry to hear you're not feeling well, hope you're feeling better soon xxx
Kath said…
Good for you Kay, we get injest enough chemicals as it is.
I have to say tho, you look great xx
Karin said…
That's rotten. I hope a less stressful life will help you get back to normal soon. Would taking salt with iodine in help?

I agree, it does seem wrong to stop herbal remedies that don't seem to be doing anyone harm while continuing with mainstream remedies that are known to cause harm in some people.
Catherine said…
There really isn't anything more important than our health is there? And we take it for granted when we are enjoying good health. It's hard to know if a person should go synthetic or natural drugs isn't it?

Sending you big hugs ~ take care of yourself friend!
xo Catherine
just Gai said…
So sorry to hear that you are not feeling well. Take care of yourself and I hope you're better soon.