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On The Go

I've been on the go since 6.45 this morning...
I made bread dough for 12 rolls, as it was Hugo's home ed group today & it was our turn as volunteers this week. 
We have to set off early to get cheap parking for the day & for the first time since helping out at the group - it really wasn't a chore to get up & get things done!
Once at the group we were non-stop, but we were organised - lunch was ready early (we made a big pan of vegetable soup to go with my rolls). The kids were chilled & we were too...

Since getting home, we made a feast of salads, vegetables & home made soya pulp burgers.
Sime went off to band practice & I've just carried on... I've made 2 loaves, a litre of almond milk, washed all our laundry & lovingly (hahaha) draped it on the airers in the spare room.

I continue to astonish myself with the amount of stuff I've become capable of doing - is it what we're eating or what we're not eating?
Well whatever it is... It's noticeable - our friend was also doing the group today - which was great, as we've not seen him for months. Now he & his Wife, are the kind of friends that will tell us straight if they think we don't look well or don't seem ourselves. 
Today, he made my day - saying he's never seen me look so well, that my skin is glowing, my eyes & hair look good & that I am positively beautiful!
(He's a herbalist, so that's a real compliment in my book)

I am so glad Sime has spurred me on to become vegan again & know that we'll never slip back to eating dairy & oil - we both feel too good!

For those of you who have emailed or asked about whether we're following a particular diet - sorry it's taken so long, but basically I would say we've been mainly inspired by Caldwell Esselstyn. I bought his book in January & read it aloud in a couple of nights - we were both hooked!
And 2 books which have been on our shelves for years:

We've sort of taken bits from all 3 books & done our own thing (of course)! 

Sime's just arrived home, so I'll finish tonight's waffle...

Night, night.

Kay :) 


dreamer said…
Looks like your way of eating is really paying off for you :) I have been browsing some of the foodie posts on your blog and will be poaching some of your ideas for veggie meals, they look so delicious and I am trying to get the other people in my life to eat that way more often.Thanks for the inspiration.
Karin said…
I'm glad you are feeling so well and energised, Kay. It seems like something you are eating and/or not eating is working for you.
Hi Dreamer & thank you for joining us! We've been asked a few times for recipes, so will try & get around to making a recipe page sometime...

Thanks Karin - we are feeling really good!

Kay :)
Kath said…
OMG 6.45 is the middle of the night :-O

I think I need to find those books in the library x
Anonymous said…
Kay - you really do look fantastic!! I am heading to my library's website to look up those books.
Catherine said…
You have been a busy gal!

It's so much easier to concentrate on our health with a suportive partner isn't it? You are looking fabulous!

xo Catherine
Thank you Kath, Mel & Catherine - you are very kind!

Kay :)