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We've Got The Blues

We're hoping that tomorrow will run smoothly, as it's the BIG day for Sime & the band...
But first we'll have several properties to clean, so the pressure is on!
Today - we have worked for nearly 10 hours, yesterday was pretty much the same & it just seems that the crazy season has arrived early this year!

It's been half term this week & everywhere has been packed...
It seems that every journey has taken forever with all the extra vehicles around. 
Our hamlet has been busy with folks staying at the camp site & hostel, lots of people stopping & looking into the house from morning until night.
Families walking down to the beach early in the morning & teenagers coming up from the beach late at night.
All of them making lots of noise & not giving any thought to the people whose lives they are disrupting.

Even the kitties don't like the intrusion...

Fleaby & Lupschki watch the road from a safe distance!

There has been one consolation these last couple of days...

The weather!

Beautiful, warm sunshine has returned - just a pity we have to work indoors...

We may be tired...

But there's always time for a visit to our local pub...

The Tin Fins - playing the blues

And it's always nice seeing friends! 

And at last - a proper photo of Sheila! xx

Have a lovely weekend!

Kay & Sime xx


Catherine said…
Look at your beautiful weather!!! Please pack me up even the tiniest little bit and send it my way won't you??? ;)

Good luck for tomorrow!
xo Catherine
Pattypan said…
You too take it steady. Looks as though the weather is getting far better and there's me with my calender up a picture of Mevagissey dreaming of escaping. Am off to Scotland for a holiday in a week or so; would rather it was Cornwall though.

Have a good weekend take care


Anonymous said…
Your weather makes me sick!! We are heading into week 3 of constant rain and I am ready to scream!!
Have a great weekend.
Kath said…
Wow! no wonder people want to share this with you (promise we won't be noisy when we come to Cornwall LOL).
Have a good gig tonight!
Thank you everyone!

Off to work now...

Kay :)
Karin said…
Sounds like you are working very hard at the present and being worn out does tend to make a person less cheerful. There should clearly be a law against grockels, but then you might not get so much work. That is the downside to living in a beautiful spot that people like to spend their holiday in.

Hope the gig went well this evening. Is it the one at Eden Project?