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We've been looking at booking a holiday for January & although we'd love to visit Canada for a month, we've decided that we should stick to our plan for this year & stay in the UK. We've looked at house sitting which the 3 of us fancy doing, but we haven't come across anything suitable yet...

What I did find a few days ago is an isolated cottage in Wales, it sounds perfect - in a forest, 2 miles from the main road, no TV, but it has a lovely big wood burning stove. We got very excited & contacted the owner who said that the cottage often gets cut off in January because of snow (even better in my opinion)! Then Sime starts getting all practical, with lots of "what ifs", anyway we saw the price & thought we'd have to leave it.
Today, the owner has contacted us again & has decided to slash the price - which is brilliant! Isn't it? Well it was  until we spoke to Hugo about it... He says he'll probably find it really boring & that he'd rather stay at home! 


I understand though, holidays haven't been the same for him - since the girls stopped coming with us. Although he probably feels he could stay at home, we think he should be with us. A holiday should be for us all to enjoy, so it looks like we'll have to compromise!

 Maybe 2 weeks at the remote place & then look at doing something more suitable for a teenage boy. The trouble with going away in Winter, is there's not a lot to do. Lots of folks say that we should go somewhere hot like Tenerife, but it's not really us...

Any suggestions?

Kay :)


Anonymous said…
How about separate vacations? Just kidding!!
taueret said…
I don't know what to suggest. I think we just gave up when Asa no longer wanted to come away with us and left him at home with big sisters. Perhaps ask him, he may remember if we did anything to make it more interesting for him.

Sorry, not very helpful - hope you find a solution.
Catherine said…
Well I must admit ~ Canada in January wouldn't be my first choice (and I live here!!! haha) unless you went to the lovely British Columbia, say Vancouver Island or down there someplace like that. They have terrific weather even in January. It's not warm, but it's not the frigid cold, snow and ice like the rest of Canada in January.

Aw yes, holidays with one teenaged boy. I know it well.

Have fun trying to decide Kay ~ and have a terrific weekend!!

xo Catherine
Kath said…
Our wedding anniversary is in December and we always go away. The best time we had, was in the Forest of Dean, where we walked for hourse with the dogs through ancient woodland, hushed by snow.
We would come back and light the fire and open wine, it was just perfect. I'm not sure what we would have done with a teenager tho. When the boys were younger, we'd stay at Mawgan Porth and they would go on the bus to Newquay, while we lay about in the pub or walked on the beach.
Thank you everyone. We're still in discussions, but it may now involve more than one destination... Watch this space!

Kay :)