Love and Laughter

We want to share with you our love for each other, a powerful and intimate connection which continues to grow each and every day. Today isn't an anniversary or birthday...dates don't really matter, we just enjoy sending our love out into the world.

We started writing this shortly after our anniversary in September and somehow became too busy to be hello again, we are still here!

34 years married, soon to be 36 years together and over 50 years since we first met.

One day we'll dig out the box of old photos under our bed and make a montage, but for now - here is a few from the last 5 years, as well as our wedding day on the bottom right.

Last September, we enjoyed a wonderful celebration of our relationship with family and friends on the farm and created: Our 80s Playlist.

How can we love each other more than ever after all these years? We just do.

The first time we declared our love was over a barrel of beer in a friend’s garage, while a party was going on in the house. Amidst tears of joy we felt that strong connection and knew we wanted to be together forever. Over the years, we have shared many similar moments...usually over a cup of rooibos these days, but the tears of joy continue.

We have been told several times that we have had many lifetimes together and we always find each other easily - we found this quite funny at first and now we are both believers, it just makes sense.

Our hearts burst with love and we share those feelings. From seeing each other walk into a room, to doing something that has required a lot of courage.

When one of us suffers, we both do. We also find great strength from each other and when one of us is down, the other will pick up the slack. We’re a team, we get on with it and continue to love and show our love.

We do talk lots, but we also have the ability to communicate without words. We can look at each other and know what the other is thinking, of course that comes from being together for a long’s useful in group situations!

When the kidlets were small and sometimes irritable, we often calmed them down with silly songs and crazy dancing. They all left home years ago, but our silly songs and dancing have continued. We very much enjoy our early morning dancing until we cry with laughter and loudly singing along to cheesy songs in the car often with our ridiculously misheard lyrics.

Neither of us ever imagined that our love could possibly continue to be so strong, but it is and here we are - 36 years later and still loving each other’s company. Feeling the pleasure of holding each other, our intimacy, watching each other sleep and waking up to find each other there.

We are on the same page, soul mates, twin flames and it is truly wonderful. 

Happy Sunny Sunday!

Love Kay and Sime xx



  1. Everyione hsiuld have what you have. Very special. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

  2. Beautiful post. You have a very rare thing, and you deserve each other (in the best possible way).

  3. Thank you Cathy and Teresa! Such lovely comments - very grateful to you both! Love K&S xx

  4. Your love for each other was evident when we met. 41 years for me and John next month, with 38 of them married, and our first grandchild due in June.
    Hope you're both well xx

  5. Wow - hello Louise, so lovely to hear from you! Thank you for getting in touch - hope you are both well. Goodness, grandparents - how wonderful! Love to you both! xx


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