Do you live in fear of growing old, of becoming ill and dying? 
Or do you enjoy your life; living with purpose and seeing the beauty all around you?

Our work has evolved in the last year and has taken us on a path which felt right...caring for others. 
Going into the homes of older people who have needed help and human contact. 
We started with 2 clients, people we have been supporting with housework and pet care for many years and as the months ticked by, they both asked if we would go into various friends too. We are now working pretty much full time, doing whatever is needed...housework, gardening, dog walking, food preparation, sometimes just sitting and chatting over a cuppa. 

We feel we have calmed those who were fearful and helped them to see things more logically...there is little virus here in Cornwall and it is very doubtful anyone will catch it while sitting in their house. Those who had become frightened of the outside world, have now started going out again - seeing family and friends. Their confidence is growing and hopefully they will carry on. Most of them have had family coming to stay, just one or two nights throughout the year, but it has made a difference to the way they have coped and it has been a relief to know that not everyone listens to all the scaremongering and instead make their own choices.

One of our clients died last week and although we could see it coming - it was still a shock to her family and friends. Spending time with older people and seeing how much their lives revolve around pharmaceutical drugs is more of a shock for us. The time it takes to box up a line of drugs for each day and to then to sit and take them all...are they all really necessary? Some are purely to lessen the side effects caused by the other drugs - it is all insane! 

Why do people wish to live like this? Is this really living?
When did it become acceptable for older people to go from living to just existing?

Around 7 years ago, the UK government deregistered us from our GP surgery for 5 years of non-attendance and daring to stay healthy! They gave us an option to carry on if we handed over more personal information and went along to see if they could find any we threw the letters on the fire and have happily lived without a doctor ever since. We intend on living naturally until death, no unnecessary check-ups, tests or interventions, no prolonging our existence -  just a good old fashioned way of living.

Taking responsibility for our own health and our own lives hasn't needed rocket science, but an immense passion for taking care of ourselves. We nurture and nourish; having learned about food and nutrition, herbs and natural health. We take gentle exercise in nature and do our Tibetan Rites daily. We live in a community - with adults and children of all ages, we laugh every day and feel surrounded by love.

We don't live in fear, we are not frightened of death and we certainly have no desire to hang around if we can no longer enjoy life. We have always said that once we're done and had enough - we'll have a beach party with our kidlets and friends to say goodbye, get crazily drunk, swim out into the sea and just hope we get eaten by marine life before someone finds us...that's the plan!

No sombre funeral, no formal gathering - just a silly end to our funny lives.

Love Kay and Sime



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