Cabin Garden

There are several growing areas on our plot, so we have decided that the veg bed directly outside the cabin will eventually become a flower bed and picnic area. 

The kitties love this space and we have the bird feeders here too. 
Our French windows need fixing and then they will open out on to what we hope will be a pretty little space for us all to chill out.

We think the bin lid may make a nice bird bath, which Sime wants to set up on a plinth.

Our plan for the old polytunnel space is to make a greenhouse, using recycled panels.

We are a bit late with getting our seeds going, but so far we have tomatoes which will go into the greenhouse plot and leeks which we plan to put amongst the rather overgrown plot of raspberries and assortment of greens...

We are spending a lot of time away at the moment; caring for one of our clients; giving his family a's not quite how we imagined this year to be, but as always, we go with the flow - the garden isn't going anywhere and will be sorted eventually. 

Another area needing attention - eager to get stuck in once we are home properly!

Yesterday's frosty view from one end of the garden - looking down on the valley of Gweek...

And from the other end of the garden - the view from the cabin door!

It's wonderful to see the garden come to life again - we are very happy to be calling this beautiful place "home" and as we slowly trudge up the path when returning after a day or few days of fills us both with joy to arrive back.

Love Kay and Sime xx



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