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Full Throttle, No Chaser

We've had the most busiest 2 days of the year so far...
We have hemp protein in our porridge every day, which really helps to keep us going!

Yesterday, we had a crazy day, the house we cleaned was it's usual hovel & took a lot longer than we'd thought... Second home owners with more money than sense & children who have absolutely everything, but don't look after any of it! 
Completely different world to ours... Thank goodness!

Today's been equally difficult, as some owners contacted us at the last minute to say their son & friends would be coming down today (just as guests were leaving)... 
We already had a full clean to do, so said we could get there after 3pm, which we did & amazingly, everything ran smoothly. We managed to clean the 3 storey house in 5 hours between us, came home & prepared our guest room for folks arriving tomorrow.

Any minute now we'll be eating our very late dinner & then it's all systems go again tomorrow...
More cleaning, B&B guests arriving & Sime has a gig.

Looking forward to Slow Sunday again... We'll have guests in - but they sound very nice.

We were interviewed recently about our B&B & thought we would share it: Meadowcroft Interview.

Hope you all have a fantastic weekend!

We've hardly been outside, but Sime seems to burn very easily... 
It's cloudy tonight & quite cool again, perhaps that was summer!

Kay & Sime


Scarlet said…
What sort of state do some holiday guests leave properties in?

I can't believe it's almost Sunday again - enjoy your rest - it's well deserved.
It will be our 29th wedding anniversary, so we'll be having a Slow Sunday ourselves!

Love, us 3 in Lancs xxx
Kath said…
I am going to make Sime a patchwork sun bonnet :-D
Hi Scarlet, Most guests clean up after themselves, just an odd few that don't... But the folks we cleaned for on Thursday have a second home which they keep for themselves & the way they leave the place - you would just think they have been burgled. It's really awful, not only do they not care about the mess they make, but just the fact that the whole family have total disregard for anything they own...

Hope you have a wonderful day tomorrow & Happy Anniversary!!! We got together 27 years ago next week...

Lots of love, Kay & Sime xx
Scarlet said…
I've just had chance to read your interview - I was too tired last night. It's fab,I could 'hear' you speaking and you come across as the kind, loving, caring people that we're fortunate to know that you are. x
And he would wear it with pride... If he could always remember where he last put it (which is what happens a lot)!

K x
Aah thank you Scarlet - you are very kind!

K&S xx
I imagine you have to not think too much about the mess some people like to live in and just get on with the job or it would drive you crazy. It was good to learn a bit more about you in the interview. I'm glad you're enjoying running the B&B and that it's going well.
Teresa x
Thanks Teresa! It's funny - even though we've been housekeeping/cleaning properties for nearly 7 years now, it never ceases to amaze us how people live on holiday. Our house is usually a mess when we don't have visitors, but when we're away - it's nice to have a neat & tidy space to enjoy, plus we're respectful of other peoples' property & always clean before leaving.

We love doing the B&B... To be more home based would be a dream come true!

Hope you're having a good weekend.

Kay x
Unknown said…
Lovely to catch up with your blog again. Wow, you have been busy. You sound like like you're enjoying every minute of it. Sue
Catherine said…
I hope you two are taking care of yourselves while you are so busy!!
Have a fantastic week Kay!
xo Catherine