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Kids & Grub

Kidlets came to visit yesterday...
It's so difficult to schedule time for us all to meet up with our various work commitments, so it has been pure fluke that we've managed to see the girls twice this month already!

The first thing they always do when they get here - is dig out a board game...

Cluedo was yesterday's choice...

Rozzy bags a seat by the fire...

Salla with her mountainous collection of books she's borrowing from Hugo.
Mainly Game Of Thrones...
(The bags are courtesy of Sime & the stash he collects from the holiday lets - none of us would set foot in such an awful shop, I'm even horrified that we're advertising them)!

Ryan has been with Sal for 6 years now & as you can see - he adores his outlaws!

Hugo's hair is growing like crazy again.
He had wanted the girls to cut or shave it this weekend, but changed his mind - which we're glad about!

Daddy & the girlies...

Daft pair...

Our family feast - vegetable & red lentil curry with brown basmati rice. Okara, onion & carrot bhajis & roti (flat bread).

Black bean & banana brownie. 
Made with dates, instead of sugar & without oil or fat.

Other food we've been eating this weekend...

Omelette, made with tofu & vegetables - turmeric & mustard gives it that yellowy look...

Nut loaf, made with a mixture of nuts, rye bread crumbs, leftover rice, onion, garlic, sun-dried tomatoes, shoyu, sage, thyme & cumin. Sime's mash, complete with potato skins & steamed veg.
We make our gravies with potato water, a blob of puréed leftover veg, shoyu & unbleached cornflour.

Sime's busy writing a story for my birthday...
Looks like it might be quite an epic!

Hope you've all had a good weekend.

Night, night.

Kay x


dreamer said…
All your food looks delicious :) I am intrigued by the bean brownie, any chance of a recipe to try it?
Catherine said…
How wonderful to spend some time with your family ~ good for you! And how fun to have a story written for you for you birthday! I hope you are able to share it! :)
xo Catherine
Unknown said…
What a wonderful Mothers Day! Your food looks delicious.

When's the birthday?

Does Sime write much poetry?

Sft x
Thanks Dreamer - Here's the recipe I based ours on:

It uses 2 bananas, but I found it overpowering, so next time I may try beetroot or 1 banana & more dates (which I used instead of agave).

I would use 8oz beans, 4oz dates, 2 tbsp cocoa (heaped if you like very chocolatey brownies), 1 banana, 2oz oats, 1 tbsp ground linseeds, 4 tbsp water, 1 heaped tsp ginger & 1 tsp vanilla.

I chop the dates & simmer in the water with the cocoa to make a syrup, then let it cool.

Put the beans, banana, syrup, ginger & vanilla in a bowl & whizz with a hand blender. Fold in the oats & linseeds.

This amount fills an 8" cake tin, I lined the tin & put in the oven on a medium heat (180C) for 20 mins.

You could use rice flour & baking powder to give it a more traditional texture & add some other dried fruit & nuts, but it's definitely a recipe I'll play around with & it's so easy!


Kay :)
Thanks Catherine - He won't tell me if it's suitable for sharing... Got to wait for another week to find out!

Kay :)
Thanks Sft - my birthday's next week & Sime's an amazing story writer. They are usually hilariously silly - he has a very abstract mind... He's sent family & friends short stories on postcards for years, when we've been away & everyone loved sharing them with their friends & have badgered him to think about getting published, but he can't be bothered...

Hopefully, he'll let me me share it!

Kay :)
Kath said…
Doesnt Sal look like her Dad? apart from the beard of course LOL

I was pleased you showed the recipe for the pudding sounds wonderful.
Talking of the T word. They are planning to build one here in Glaston. No-one wants it and we don't need it (apart from the jobs maybe) and people are wearing t shirts with the word FIASCO in their font and colours.

Now may I enquire, what is Shoyu?

ps your skin is lovely Kay.
Thanks Kath - Sal does actually look a lot like Bebe (Sime's Mum)! Rose is more like my Mum & Hugo seems more of a mix of Sime & my Dad! Genes are just fascinating...

Shoyu is usually sold as soy sauce, but is actually soya bean & wheat sauce, opposed to Tamari - which is just soya beans... We also use miso a lot, which can be made with fermented soya beans, barley or rice. Barley is the best I think, but we struggle to find it - so we mainly use rice miso.

Hope that helps!

Kay :)
dreamer said…
Thanks so much, I have all those to hand so may give it a go today, it sounds yummy and very healthy :)
You're welcome - Desiccated coconut might be nice too... K :)
just Gai said…
I'm always impressed by your huge platefuls of colourful food. You eat so well.

I love board games too. Monopoly is one of our favourites. My younger daughter always wins. We play a lot of Uno as well. It's handy for trains, holiday cottages etc.
Thanks Gai - The kids play a lot of Settler's of Catan & we're all big into Uno, sometimes it goes on forever!

Kay :)
Onion Bhajis look does the nut loaf!
just Gai said…
I hope you're more succesful in opposing Tesco in Glastonbury than we were in prevent Sainsbury obtain planning permission to build the largest superstore in the south west in Bedminster. Unfortunately supermarkets have the resources to persist until they get what they want. And I wouldn't be persuaded by the jobs argument. See for a fairly damning indictment of their effect on local communities. Good luck!
Thanks Sooz - tasted good too!

Kay :)

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