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On A Roll

More to be grateful for...

Yesterday, in the health shop we were given a free loaf of organic rye bread - just because we're good customers!

And one of our favourite property cleans is a second home, which in April is changing to a holiday let...
Unfortunately, the agency it is being let through has cocked up the bookings & got the changeover day wrong, which has meant that all of a sudden we have realised that we won't be able to carry out the work. The owners are just as gutted as we are about it, but we are already committed to other properties.

We thought up until yesterday that the agency would just use their housekeeping staff & after 4 very happy years we would be finishing...

But no, the owners have been in touch & don't want to lose us, so they've told the agency to honour the bookings & at the end of the Summer the changeovers will revert to the previous day we all agreed on. In the meantime, they want to continue to pay us for any work lost, have asked us to work out what we would be due & they will continue to pay us!!!

Their words of kindness have had us weeping for the second time this week & we feel overwhelmed by their generosity. We are so happy that we will be able to carry on with them & also relief that the pressure is off to find more work to fill the gap.

We have a great relationship with them & although we are really just the housekeepers of their grand house, they treat us as friends & obviously care about us.

We are feeling very lucky!

And not only all this, but we've spent a lovely afternoon with the kidlets - we made an Indian feast, drank herbal teas & chatted non-stop by the fire... Wonderful!

Will post some photos another day.

Kay & Sime


Kath said…
You deserve it all x
Scarlet said…
That's wonderful news- you are obviously very special people who are treasured by those who know you.
dreamer said…
Gestures like that make you feel really appreciated don't they :) They obviously feel that it is worth paying to retain your services for the future, win - win :)
Annie B said…
well i am not surprised at the good news and kindness you have had this week, because for a lovely couple "What goes around comes around". so it was well deserved.
Thanks Kath!

K&S xx
Thanks Scarlet - we don't always feel that way, but this week something seems to be happening!

K&S xx
Thanks Dreamer - It's never happened before, so it's come as a complete surprise - but it is very nice!

K&S xx
Anne - thank you & for signing up just to write this comment means a lot to us!

(Anne & I used to work together over 20 years ago - K)!

K&S xx
just Gai said…
Isn't it nice to be appreciated. It's a reminder to me to show my appreciation for others more often.
I think it is all very well deserved x

~ Becky from

(Sime accidentally deleted Becky's comment)!
Thanks Gai - we're not always too good at showing our appreciation for others, but are quick to criticise... We're getting better at it though!

Kay :)
Thanks Becky & sorry for Sime's mishap!

Kay :)
Pattypan said…
Oh how lovely; its about time - serendipity calling and confirming you are in the right place at the right time.

Glad you have had a lovely time with the kidlets and how's that fire going?

I take it Sime Got Trigger Happy with the Keyboard - naughty Sime. Only joking

Love to you both


Anonymous said…
That is wonderful news. I am so happy for you.
Thanks Pattypan - It's funny how things happen like this, but it's very nice!

Kay :)
Thanks Mel - we're happy about it too!

Kay :)

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