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Shake It All About

I have had a wonderful birthday today - a day spent in the warm sunshine with my best friend!
I wish to thank my lovely chap for writing a  fantastic book (with help from Hugo with images) which has made me laugh & cry with happiness - something I will treasure forever!!!

And I must apologise for using our old CD alarm clock while ironing yesterday afternoon & forgetting to re-adjust the volume, before putting it back in our bedroom...
I accidentally left our Alice In Chains Unplugged album in there, so instead of our usual chilled morning wake up call - we were blasted out of bed with loud applause & whistling - well I think every birthday should start that way!!!

We've been to Fowey today & I'll post some photos soon...

Kay :)


Scarlet said…
Happy Birthday Kay! It sounds like it's been a wonderful one. x
Pattypan said…
Glad you have had a lovely birthday; bit drastic for the dawn chorus though. [hugs]


Kath said…
Hope it's not too late to wish you a happy birthday Kay and many more to come. How lovely to have a book written for you, a very precious gift.
mm now that gives me an new idea for a new birthday tradition re alarms!!!
Sounds like you had a fab day or are you still being the birthday girl (Tuesday here in New Zealand)

Love Leanne
dreamer said…
Happy Birthday!
Unknown said…
Happy Birthday Kay! Sounds like a fab day and I LOVE the idea of your book as a gift.
Unknown said…
Happy Birthday Kay! Sounds like you're men have been spoiling you, as they should.

Good for you, having an alternative start to your day.

Sft x
Anonymous said…
Happy Birthday!! It sounds like you had a wonderful day.
Thanks everyone it was a lovely day & I will hopefully put some photos on today!

Kay :)
Becky Bee said…
A belated happy birthday!