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Doing Nothing Is Doing Something

We are starting to get a full diary with holiday bookings...
But couldn't resist taking some time out yesterday (& today), so instead of preparing some flats ready for the Easter hols  - we dropped Hugo off at the station for the home ed group & decided to visit Porthpean beach.

It's not really a favourite, but we hadn't visited for a few years.

And thought it would be a nice place to have our lunch...

Starting tomorrow - we have got our work cut out to prepare 12 properties ready for a week on Saturday.
We also have 3 private full house cleans next week, the car's MOT is due, Sime's spending a day in the recording studio with The Dolphins & It's my birthday on Monday...
How will we fit it all in?
I think we'll need a miracle... Hahaha!

Today, we've had an electrician in & we've been waiting for the woodburner to arrive, so we took the day off again...
Talk about cutting it fine, but Sime believes we'll take it all in our stride - which of course we will!

The weather's miserable, so I've just been incredibly lazy & had a look at a library book I picked up yesterday about the art of kindness & we've enjoyed digging out some of our Buddhist books & reading their inspiring quotes...

We haven't been able to iron any work laundry (which is nice), as the electric has been off for quite a while... And Sime's continuing his story for my birthday... I think he's actually writing a full book!

I'm sure we'll be raring to go by tomorrow...

Kay :)


Kath said…
I'm glad you had some relaxing time before the demands of the next few days. Hope it all goes smoothly :-D
Unknown said…
Hope you have a wonderful birthday.

Sft x
Thanks Kath - Sure it will be fine!

Kay :)
Thanks Sft - It going to be combined with the MOT, which is preferable to cleaning anyway!

Kay :)
Pattypan said…
Just take it steady over the next few days and make sure you have a nice birthday too Kay (are the kidlets coming over or will it be catch up when all the work is done). Take it steady Hugs to you both


Thanks Pattypan - we will try! We'll catch up with the kidlets again soon, but it was lovely seeing them at the weekend!

You take care too.

Kay :)
Anonymous said…
Enjoy this time to rest. The work will get done.
Thanks Mel - we did & we know it will!

Kay :)