Natural Light

Nice Weather For Ducks

Yesterday - Rolling mist coming in from the sea.
Within minutes we went from blue skies & warm sunshine to cold drizzle & fog! 

Some little friends were waiting for us this morning...

And gave us quite a greeting...

We usually see them in the river...
But it was the first time we've seen them out & sunning themselves so close by!

Our simple lunch of brown basmati, garlic, sprouted mung beans, sweetcorn, miso & overly wilted rocket...

Dessert - peanuts, raisins & dried apricots.

So nice to be outside for our picnic today!

We're off to bed any minute now... 
We've prepared 4 flats today.
 Hung curtains, put on mattress & duvet protectors, cleaned lots of windows, as well as doing the general cleaning - it's  been a long day!
 This is our 5th season working here & today we've managed to do so much more than we've ever done in one day, we usually take a couple of weeks to get these flats ready...
We're aching a bit now though!

We cleaned a big place yesterday & are doing 2 properties tomorrow - will be glad not to be working on Monday!

Night, night.

Kay & Sime


Pattypan said…
Sounds as though you have been busy. Your lunch sounds and looks tasty. Just take it steady and try not to overdo it. I love ducks - are they near where you live or where you have been preparing accommodation.They are such characters.

Glad you have the day off for your birthday Kay.
Take care love to you both


Anonymous said…
You guys are working hard; you deserve a picnic. Maybe I need to go on a picnic - that would be fun.
Kath said…
gosh you must be worn out!
Hope you get a good rest despite "losing" an hour. It was misty here nearly all day long too.

You must be a mind reader, I am just rinsing my first jar of mung beans! Dil leant me a jar (she gets them from ST Ives) and gave me some beans, Cant wait! :-)
Scarlet said…
Our weather has been the opposite way round. Misty in the early mornings as I've headed out to the carboot both yesterday and today. Yesterday turned out to be really warm, and the sun is beginning to burn away the mist today. I enjoyed the dawn chorus as I went out this morning - the birds didn't know the clocks had changed and thought it was still around 5am. I just stood on the drive in the dark listening to them sing - just wonderful.
Thanks Pattypan - had an easier day today! The ducks are at the flats we clean in Pentewan.

Our car's got it's MOT tomorrow, but we may go into Fowey if time after - we shall see!

Kay :)
Thanks Mel - I think you should definitely go on a picnic, we love having picnics. We do it all the time - all year round!

Kay :)
Thanks Kath - We were very tired last night, but amazingly woke refreshed this morning... Had an easier day today, so wide awake tonight!

We bought Sal one of those sprouting kits for her birthday a few years ago. We have the 3 tier tray system, as we have sprouts going all the time! Have fun with it!

Kay :)
Thanks Kath - we were tired last night, but slept well & have had an easier day today!

We bought one of those sprouting kits from St Ives a few years ago, we've used a 3 tier tray system for years - we always have sprouts on the go. They are wonderful - have fun!

Kay :)
Thanks Scarlet - we are hearing the birds all day long here at the moment - it's just magical, we just love it!

Kay :)
Unknown said…
We had an eerie blanket of mist over the fields this morning.

But it was burned away and this afternoon has been blissful.

Your lunch sounds lovely, so healthy.

Hope you have a lovely Monday evening after working so hard.

Sft x
Thanks Sft - It's been lovely here today again & we didn't have to work too hard, so had chance to eat outside again - which was nice!

Kay :)
Thanks Sft - It's been lovely & warm here again today & we've not had to work too hard, so have managed to eat outside - which was nice!

Kay :)
Catherine said…
How wonderful to be able to enjoy a sunny picnic. Love the ducks - cute!
xo Catherine