Natural Light

Loe Bar


We managed to get another day out today...

No cleaning on a Saturday is just wonderful, so we fed our guests this morning & set off for Porthleven near Helston - where Hugo was helping to run a circus workshop.

Hope you're all having this beautiful weather!

Kay & Sime


Looks beautiful and sunny!! We have sun too! Yey!
Joy said…
So great to hear your voices! I miss you and England :) It looks beautiful there at Loe Bar.

Amber xo
zooks said…
Really lovely .Looks fresh and breezy. Enjoy
Unknown said…
So glad you got to go and enjoy that beautiful place! Loved the film, especially the spin finale.

We've been to Porthleven and Helston but don't know this place.

You'll have to give us directions for when we come back down again in August!

Sft x