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A Lost Day

The day after we arrived in the Alps, we were driving up a mountain pass near our campsite & the power steering in our car failed. The steering wheel suddenly became heavy & it was quite terrifying... We were high up, the pass was steep with severe bends and it seemed like we were stuck. Luckily, there was a lay-by & enough room on that bit of the pass to gradually turnaround. Sime switched on our hazard warning lights & we very slowly crept back down the pass. At this point, Sime believed our holiday was over, or at the very least - our car had had it...  I, on the other hand remained optimistic, all would be fine & felt sure a miracle would happen! I also thought it might be quite nice to extend our holiday while the car was being fixed. The main thing was - We were safe, the car was still in one piece & we had got back to the campsite. Here's what happened the next day... We didn't know at the time, but we were watching two golden eagle

Jura to Haut-Valais

Our wonderful overnight residence in Chaussin, Jura... We loved this little campsite & intend to visit again in the near future - it has tipis & safari tents for rent, as well as these fab little caravans. The owners are quite alternative & the site just has a great feel. They have a natural water source which is solar heated for the sinks & showers & there is a great emphasis on recycling.  Saying goodbye to the horses in the field next to our caravan... Beginning the climb into the mountains of the Jura... So many stunning gorges... And quirky villages... Great to get off the beaten track, after 2 days of motorway driving... It might not look it, but it's a long way down! On the other side of the mountains, we hit Nyon on Lac Leman (Lake Geneva) & headed to Lausanne. Very nice... After avoiding Lausanne city centre, we moved on to Montreux - following one of many electric trams... And eventually c