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Shaping Up

My lovely chap is 51 today!

He may not climb lamp posts any more, but he is threatening to get back into some guerilla food distribution...
Something that Rose & he started some years ago!

Sime's just a big, soft kid at heart - but I adore this clumsy oaf...
He is the most loving & caring person I know & he never fails to make me laugh!

We've worked today, but we wished for it all to run smoothly & it did...
Which enabled us to go out for a bite to eat with Hugo & as usual the 2 of them get very silly when sitting next to each other...

Who would have thought back 25 years ago, as I handed Sime a card for his 26th birthday...
That we would be sitting in a restaurant on his 51st birthday with our youngest child (who at the age of 14 is as tall as Sime now)!

And although we are both wiser now, we agreed yesterday - we still don't feel old enough to have adult children, it's odd!

Another year of fantastic prezzies!

All just perfect for Sime...

Rose & Asa (who are up north at the moment) bought these...
(Dad says thank you - he's thrilled xx)!

New music...

And books...

A wonderful day for my man!

Happy birthday buddy  
♥ I love you ♥


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