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Journey to Perfect Health *Part 4*

It is over 3 years since I came out of hospital & I returned home like a zombie!

My body had been living with an over active thyroid for at least 2 years, so it was a shock to be suddenly the opposite... Conventional medication for hyperthyroidism, means bombarding your body with high levels of beta-blockers (to slow the heart rate) & antithyroid drugs - the idea being to speed up the process of slowing the thyroid down (if that makes sense)! Once the thyroid is stable, it is highly recommended that it is either removed or 'killed off' using radioactive iodine. Without the thyroid, you have to then take thyroxine tablets for the rest of your life...

I have continued to refuse both of these, as I have always been convinced that I will recover completely & therefore not need to do anything so drastic, I weaned myself off the beta-blockers as soon as I got home & my heart has been absolutely fine. I have also 'messed around' with the antithyroid drug to my doctor's annoyance, as soon as I got blood results saying my levels were low, I'd reduce it - but it was always too soon. So I'd have to go back to the start again...

During these ups & downs, I was still caring for my Nan & Sime lost his job. A couple of good things happened though. Firstly, I met Wendy, a homeopath - who helped me see how so many illnesses & traumas from my past had built up inside me, luckily, she was able to help me to work through it all & she prescribed calcium carbonate (which I had already identified for myself ), so I took 1 tablet at night for 7 nights. She told me that I may have nightmares & sure enough; I did from the first night! After about a month, I was really feeling well, so much so - that we then started our housekeeping business & our luck started to change - Sime also found a part-time job to supplement the business, but there was so much stress in our lives with Nan, that my levels just continued to yo-yo. I resorted to herbal remedies again & then took the antithyroid drugs, but then found them to cancel each other out! Around this time, we met a a lovely woman called Laraine, she lived next door to a house we were caretaking & she opened our eyes to positive thinking & the law of attraction. Well this was a real turning point for both of us & our lives have continued to improve every day!

My Nan, unfortunately passed away on Halloween 2009, she had been in hospital for 2 weeks & we visited her everyday. It was probably the most wonderful time we've ever spent with her - she was so relaxed & happy, full of mischief & laughter! On Halloween, we visited her in the afternoon & were talking about her returning home, 15 minutes after leaving the hospital - we had a call to say she was dying, we rushed back, but were too late... Hey presto - my levels went up again!

It took a while to get used to Nan not being with us, the house just seemed so quiet & even though she drove us all mad most of the time - we still missed her, still do. She was such a character! I discovered a photograph of her recently, in her 40s - she was very thin & had what looked like a goitre. I know that she was rushed into hospital around that time - with a suspected heart attack... Perhaps that's the link to my condition!

Although I know now - that just because an illness is hereditary, it doesn't mean we're going to get it. If we look after ourselves & lead happy lives, chances are - we'll remain healthy for life!

My life completely changed after a while & without me realising - I was able to relax, sleep whole nights through, have lie-ins & enjoy just being...

My thyroid is at long last stable & is functioning normally, I am so glad that I 'stuck to my guns' & went with my gut feeling - I knew I would heal eventually, but I just needed the space to do it! In February, I have my annual appointment with the endocrinologist, earlier this year he told me that I will never recover & that we should make a date for the radioactive treatment, I told him that I would finally prove him wrong & believed I could do - he laughed & said it was impossible! Looking forward to seeing him next time!!!

As I now have a 'normal' thyroid - I really feel the cold! I don't get down - as it just is a continuing reminder that I am well...


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