Natural Light


Do you feel like an outsider looking in on the world?
We do.

We have stopped listening to the news, the radio and stayed away from most social media.
We ditched TV many years ago and cancelled a streaming service we were sucked into earlier in the year.

Taking a break from all this is quite empowering and instead we are concentrating on eating well and filling our spare time with nice things like reading, educating ourselves (at the moment we have somehow got into studying psychology) and meditating.

In September 2001, we were on a camping trip in France with our kidlets, completely unaware of the 9/11 incident in New York.
We had noticed lots of folks on the campsite sitting around their radios, but we assumed that it must be an important sporting event...something we have no interest in! Several days later our Dutch neighbours realised that we were the only campers enjoying ourselves and the wife must have drawn the short straw; coming over to announce "New York, bomb!" Unfortunately, that was the only English she spoke and so we set out to find someone who could explain more.
It was another 2 weeks before we saw any footage and this makes us think about how life was before the internet...were people happier? We think we were.

Unplugging ourselves is quite wonderful.
We are much more relaxed and we sleep really well.

While our world is happy and calm, we are very aware of the fear, stress, anger and confusion others are feeling. 
We recommend avoiding the propaganda and doing your own research... 
Perhaps start with Vernon Coleman

His mantra is: Distrust the government, avoid mainstream media and fight the lies.

In rural Cornwall life goes on pretty much as usual, people have been swimming in the sea since the beginning of the virus crisis, they have been sitting on beaches, visiting family and friends and there have even been hugs too.
We continue to support our elderly clients, their wellbeing is far more important than the virus and we believe everyone should make their own choices regards going out, what they do or do not wear and who they invite into their home...

Step away from mainstream and social media - breathe deeply, relax and take care of each other.

Lots of love,

Kay and Sime