Journey To Gut Health

We are living in a time when seemingly healthy people are susceptible to germs, disease and even die. We often hear of the shock family and friends feel when their loved ones depart this world..."they were so fit and healthy”!

What most people don’t realise is that exercising and calorie counting doesn’t necessarily make you healthy and it is a combination of things that cause dis-ease. Those underlying problems may just be simmering away and if you are busy, work long hours and have a stressful job – you probably won’t even notice.

Most illnesses will come along because of a build up of toxins in the body over a number of years, which is why it usually hits us in our 40s... from eating a poor diet full of processed foods, large quantities of animal protein, fats, dairy and foods sprayed with nasty chemicals. Top this off with living in a polluted city or large town, along with being employed in a job with many rules, regulations and other people and you have the perfect ingredients for triggering ill-health.

It takes a lot of discipline to maintain a healthy immune system and we doubt any GP will help with this...they may send you to a dietician, who unfortunately has been trained in a system funded by atrocious food and pharmaceutical corporations. They tend to push diets made up of dreadful brand-named processed foods, it really is terrible. You cannot beat doing your own research and maybe start with help from a naturopath or an independent nutritional therapist.

The human body is an amazing machine and can actually heal itself from disease; given the right conditions. Getting rid of (or cutting down on) everything creating stress is a massive job to take on, but it is worth it. Starting with meditation and mindfulness, you will gradually slow down and perhaps go on to leave difficult situations and begin to live quite differently. Stress, along with fatty, rich, toxic foods and pharmaceutical drugs cause digestive issues, which all have a detrimental effect on gut health and therefore the immune system will not be operating as it should. When the immune system falters - we are left wide open to germs and we struggle to fight them off, but once strengthened; we will recover easily.  It really is quite simple to remedy, but when you are in a place surrounded by fog – it isn’t always easy to find your way.

Nurture contentment, eat organic plant foods, ditch the dairy and animal food altogether, but don’t replace it with fake meat, etc – learn to cook simply with whole foods. Support your immune system with natural probiotics from fermented foods, eat a diet rich in vitamins and minerals, especially A, C, calcium, magnesium and zinc. Supplement with good quality doses of Vitamins B12 and D (Viridian and TerraNova Health are the ones we use). Eat green leafy vegetables every day and as soon as nettles appear – pick them, wash, chop and add them to your favourite meals, also dry them and drink nettle tea daily. Slow down, rest, spend time doing nothing and be present. Observe your breathing and be grateful for everything in your life. This is taking responsibility for your own health.

Next time you hear of someone "healthy" dying, think about what environment they were living in and what they were happily taking into their bodies...healthy people don’t die, but ill people do.

If you would like any friendly advice on strengthening your immune system – Kay studied Vegan Nutritional Therapy and Holistic Diagnosis Skills back in the 1990s and we have a wonderful little library of natural health books and herbal remedy recipes. We both enjoy helping others and sharing our knowledge, so do get in touch. Our email address is: 

Love Kay and Sime



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