Switching Off

It is important to have some quiet time each day, to turn off TVs, radios, devices and just enjoy the peace.

We see how addicted people are to technology and the information they are constantly receiving – it is very clear that these things are having a huge impact on their lives. This unhealthy habit is being encouraged and it almost feels like an obligation to stay “tuned in” and up-to-date with everything that is going on in the world.

We are also bombarded with messages about the past - world events to acknowledge, shows to commemorate and documentaries keeping us fixated on a time gone by. Even social media pushes photographic memories. Why do we need to keep dwelling on the past? And then of course, there is “the future” – we must worry about what is coming next...

Ask yourself this question:

What would happen if you switched everything off for a few hours?

Well, this planet we call Earth will continue it’s journey around the sun and the huge machine dishing out it’s slick three-worded slogans will carry on quite happily without you...though it is clear that that same machine would suffer terribly if everyone started disengaging. How would they then promote fear if no one is listening?

More importantly, what happens to us when we stop hearing gloom and doom?

Our minds relax, we take time to contemplate and get creative. We connect to the world around us...with nature and real people. We stop thinking about the past or future and just concentrate on NOW. The more we do this, the better it gets. Our consciousness awakens and as our awareness heightens - we start to see things quite differently. We slow down and feel a calmness that we have never experienced before – there is joy to be found and it is right here.

If you would like to learn more, here is a video of Eckhart Tolle:


Lots of love,

Kay and Sime xx


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