Garden Pottering

Taming some of the wilderness!

We have started clearing little areas and putting in a variety of plants we have very gratefully received.
(Thank you Sadie and Amy!)

We haven't pruned the raspberries, but Sime was eager to get them tied up.
We are using some scraps of recycled fabric as ties...I think seams and cuffs from our friend, Kath who makes fabulous patchwork quilts and all sorts of beautiful fabric art from recycled material. 

Compost Corner.

Inside our bin...we started this one 7 months ago and we are already getting some lovely compost.
We only put in raw vegetable and fruit waste, which we layer with brown paper, newspaper and cardboard.
Garden waste is put into a separate open heap and seems to rot down pretty fast.

Making progress in what will become our hybrid greenhouse/polytunnel...

We have the side panels and hoops ready to go on and the roof will be made from the old polytunnel plastic sheet - just need the supporting posts to hold it all together.

Some views from the garden this morning...

Up early and watching lots of planes going over...spraying their nasty trails.

If you watch it all for a long time, you will see these trails join together and completely cover the sky as far as you can see...
Hopefully one day we will get to know the truth about what is going on up there.

Young Tik and Uncle Toobs.

Happy in the sun!

Love Kay and Sime



  1. It all looks lush and wholesome. How lovely to have that wonderful backdrop to your garden. Jim's built more raised beds this year, so it's looking like a little allotment out there. I hope the birds leave you some raspberries!

  2. Hi Kath,

    Ooh that's great - would love to see some photos of the garden allotment!

    We are happy to share with our feathered buddies...we are creating a bird friendly garden with foods they can enjoy too!

    Working with nature, rather than fight against it!

    Lots of love to you both! :D :D xx

    PS. We love the little ties - thank you...they really brighten up our quirky garden! xx


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