Natural Light

Cabin life...

For years, we have felt the need to shut out the light from our bedrooms. We truly believed that our inability to sleep solidly was due to our curtains not being thick enough, long enough, wide enough...

And yet here we are; over 10 months without curtains in a south facing cabin with many windows, lots of light and we sleep so well! 

At a time in our lives when many folks of our ages are wakeful or needing the loo in the middle of the we did before living here. We now sleep soundly and only extreme weather (torrential rain or howling wind) has disturbed us. 

We don’t have any electricity around our bed.

Our wooden cabin doesn’t have any built-in sockets and our only electric cable is in the kitchen, which is at the opposite end of the cabin. The fridge is the only thing that remains on at night and we switch everything else off...absolutely everything; including our phones and we pack all our devices away each night.

We use candles, tea lights and torches once our kitchen lights are off - it's just nice and simple.

We all have a sense of calm and take great pleasure in the sunlight that seeps through the clouds and bathes our cabin in it's happy warmth...

We have natural light, a cabin made of natural materials and no wires running through the walls, no street lights and we have peace. 
We wake to birdsong, fall asleep to the hooting of owls and on a clear night – we can see the moon and stars from our's truly wonderful! 


We love it and are thriving on it – are you? 

Tell us about it.

Love Kay and Sime




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