Going With The Flow

 It has been such a treat to have good weather again, especially as we are on another pet sitting assignment. We decided to take a longer route to our destination in Hampshire - taking a more scenic route out of Cornwall, along the Atlantic Highway and a wonderful stopover with our dear friends in Glastonbury. As always, we enjoyed feasting with great company and left with full bellies, feeling relaxed. 

We had already travelled from Cornwall, through Devon and into Somerset and the next part of our journey took us slightly north through Wiltshire and West Berkshire before landing over the border in Hampshire. It was a gorgeous sunny journey with little traffic and we thoroughly enjoyed taking our time, soaking up the sights and loving the changing scenery. It seems such a long time since we travelled through this part of the country...Frome, Trowbridge, Avebury, and Marlborough. Seeing delights such as: 

Westbury White Horse 

Silbury Hill 

West Kennet Long Barrow 

Savernake Forest

We no longer have a camera, but have to rely on our old phone or ipad for photos, both of which can be temperamental and unreliable, so it is a shame that we can't always capture all the wonderful sights we have experienced. 

Although this pet sit is one of our regulars, we managed to get lost in the network of little lanes nearby and our Sat Nav isn't great with properties which are off the beaten track, but eventually we figured out that we should just ignore it and use our very own inbuilt navigational tools instead. It worked, sometimes we just need faith in ourselves!

It is really great being here again, our furry friend is such a special chap and we adore him. 

As usual, we are relishing time to relax, walking in beautiful countryside with our buddy and eating simple meals using fresh produce from the garden. It's a wonderful place to spend time in, with an abundance of wildlife to watch. 

We are both content with our simple life, we have no urge to rush out, to traipse around places or to find things to buy. We have no desire for the constant stimulation that many people feel they need or to fill our days searching out new experiences. We have written a few posts about this, here is a link to one of them: Buying Less

We will venture out into the world at some point during our stay, but for now - we are happy taking it easy. Doing less and being present, enjoying the simple pleasures that each day brings...like early this morning seeing a huge gaggle of Canada Geese flying fairly low above us in a V formation.  Such a magnificent thing to see and we continue to be grateful for it all.

Lots of love,

Kay and Sime xx



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