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I like to take responsibility for my own health and believe that our reaction to a virus depends on the condition of our immune system. If it isn't tip-top then we will be susceptible to any germs going, but if we look after ourselves then we can avoid getting ill or at least reduce the impact.

Of course, if you listen to today's medical experts you will see things differently, but bear in mind these guys have been trained by the big pharmaceutical industries who want to make mega bucks from their wares, so it's in their interests to fund and build medical schools to steer the minds of those who are drawn to the profession. I'm afraid I don't trust any of them, even if their intentions are well meaning. I love the books of the old doctors, those who used their intuition to assist people to heal, who learnt from their ancestors and understood the power we all have to heal ourselves. 

It's been a while since I had a cold, but after a nasty mosquito (I presume) bite on Friday whilst out immune system obviously took a hit! The bite on my hand swelled gradually and was incredibly itchy. I took a dose of homoeopathic Apis and rubbed the area with fern leaves, within 24 hours the swelling started to subside. My body was concentrating on healing my hand and last night (3 days later) I started with cold symptoms. 

Fortunately I'm not really ill, but have kicked in with my cold protocol - Echinacea, Grapefruit Seed Extract, Ferrum Phos Tissue Salts and Nettle Tea. I've upped my intake of vitamin C, D and Zinc. 

Today, I've had to stay away from the day while Sime has been working, I have had the fire blazing and turned the cabin into a sauna to detox, played loud cheesy music and soaked my feet in hot water and bicarb. My blocked sinuses seem to have cleared and I believe I will be back on track by tomorrow. 

We adore soaking our feet and don't really need an excuse to do so. We go through phases of having foot baths regularly. At one time we would only have them after getting chilled or when starting with a head cold. Our feet plunged into hot water with Epsom Salts and at the same time our faces would be over a steaming bowl of eucalyptus, our heads covered by a towel, so we'd be sweating profusely while inhaling the steam. 

These days we use bicarb or dried herbs, our favourites for a relaxing foot soak are camomile, lemon balm and lavender. It's a lovely thing to do and according to Dr Vogel's 1952 book "The Nature Doctor" The feet are excretory organs and sweat rids the body of toxins, therefore it is more important to wash your feet every day than it is to wash your face and if you do try this on a daily basis, it is not just good hygiene, but will have beneficial effects on your general well-being. He suggests trying it for 30 days and see for yourself the improvement you will feel. We have done this in the past and can concur that we did indeed feel great when we were having a quick foot bath every evening for a month. Vogel goes on to say that this daily practice takes just a few minutes, but the therapeutic value not only saves on doctor/hospital visits and bills - it will vastly improve your health.

Organic stews and broths are a great way to keep topped up with good nutrition and easy to digest if you are ill, whereas poor food choices, like highly processed junk food will cause a build up of toxins in the gut, so it really is important to eat well. Dark green leaves are a must on your daily Cavolo Nero is our favourite. We usually go for a macrobiotic dish when ill; organic veggies with lentils, brown rice and miso - the ultimate comfort food or miso mash is another good one. Keep food simple and drink lots of water and herbal teas.  

It's all pretty easy stuff and certainly worth doing if you too want to stay well. 

Lots of love,

Kay xx


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