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It's nice having the time to update the blog, tweak some of the settings, learn and re-learn how to do a few things!

We often think it would be great to write more regular posts as we did some years ago, but book reading has become a much bigger part of our lives - especially as our internet signal is not always great at as we are pet sitting, we really thought we'd be writing more!

Instead, we have been venturing out everyday, exploring old haunts and new places with our little chum and we also seem to have taken on a new client! It never ceases to amaze us - how the universe works and what we are all capable of manifesting. We had put the thoughts out there and along came the person we were looking for, so although we wished our work was closer to home - we wonder if deep down inside we are both still very much connected to the Roseland area and so  "home" continues to be here. The intention to unravel ourselves from this part of Cornwall just hasn't happened and you only have to look our Facebook and Instagram accounts to see how enthusiastic we are when we are back here! 

We always seem to meet lots of lovely and interesting people especially when out with our furry chum on Carne and Pendower Beaches. It feels almost magical some of the connections that happen and we all thoroughly enjoy our time there meeting others and leave feeling uplifted and happy.  

We do love our little cabin and living amongst lovely folks on the farm is such a great place to be, but we have always known it will not be forever and there is more journeying to do. Will we end up with our dream cottage on a creek? Will we spend more time in France? Or continue living in a community? Who knows? We imagine we will continue pet sitting, while our base will be on land used as a retreat - where we will be involved in taking care of others and then when the opportunity arises - we'll take off to visit our little mountain bolthole in France for a few weeks. Maybe the retreat will be on a creek and we can actually have all that we desire! For now, we are happy to go with the flow and are sure that changes will happen when the time is right.

Anyway, we just have two nights left with our lovely buddy - it's been a wonderful stay with lots of beautiful walks and we are feeling incredibly grateful to be doing this for a job...we absolutely love this way of life and look forward to more of it soon.

Hope you like the new look of the blog!

Love Kay and Sime xx



  1. Good to hear that everything is going well for you both.

    1. Thank you Susan - pet sitting definitely puts us into holiday mode, being relaxed and happy is when the magic happens! xx


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