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Goodbye Top Box Tourists

It is finally becoming quieter in this part of Cornwall.
The families have headed home to prepare for getting back to school...
The crowds have gone & it is wonderful!

We've nearly got the lane back to ourselves.

We have had 3 good lie-ins, spent several hours in Waterstones & visited Sal & Ryan in Falmouth - which has been lovely.

We've eaten out at Archie Brown's in Truro.

And just spent some nice time together.

Hugo sporting his new glasses.

Back to work tomorrow.
It's going to be fine - easy & straightforward...

My thyroid is continuing to misbehave & to be honest - I feel pretty awful... 
But I'm happy & I know that as soon as we go away & properly unwind, I'm going to feel so much better.
I just need lots of rest & to eat well...
I've been so tired that I've not even cooked or baked for ages & poor Sime is having to do so much more...
 He's such a fantastic, hard-working chap & he never complains, but he is carrying me & I feel guilty...

I am looking forward to a relaxed Winter & an easier work load next year.
Two more jobs are going to go & we will be telling them soon...

Bye for now.

Kay & Sime xx


Hi Kay! Hope my comment goes through as I've had too many problems with Blogger in the past couple months. Didn't know you had thyroid issues...I had suspected that I did but tests came back neg. What are your symptoms, if you don't mind my asking? And don't you just love it when the tourists leave? I live in a major tourist spot, but mine is year 'round...gets old, I know. You're probably a mindful tourist, like me, knowing how it feels, haha! Stay well and take care of yourself ;)
Catherine said…
It's always nice to fall into a routine after a crazy period of time. How cute is Hugo in his new glasses ~ totally how my son would pose. boys... ;)

Hope you get feeling better soon Kay!
xo Catherine
Anonymous said…
Good to hear that things are slowing down and the tourists are going home. I hope you start to feel better soon.
Kath said…
sorry you're still feeling low Kay, let your lovely man spoil you, one day it will be his turn and you can return his care.
Doctor Kath prescribes lots of cuddles, wonderful books and peace and quiet xx
The Smiths said…
Thanks Elizabeth - I've had a thyroid problem for years... The main symptoms are: palpitations, sweating, breathlessness, muscle weakness, anxiety & a swollen thyroid - for me anyway. It speeds up the metabolism, which means constant hunger & weight loss. It's as awful as it sounds, but I'm used to it & remaining calm & happy helps me focus on getting better!

Thank you too Catherine, Mel & Kath.

I'm beginning to feel my system calming... Thank goodness.

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