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Hat Saturday

Work has slowed down & it's wonderful!
We've had 2 whole days pottering about at home & it's beginning to feel a lot like Christmas!

Tomorrow, we're heading up to Stoke for a few days, where we'll be staying in a warm hotel room.

Unlike here where it's very cold... Shower time, in particular has become quite a challenge, as our bathroom is freezing.  
One consolation though - we have discovered we can hit some really high notes when singing our favourite opera pieces & our pogoing has taken on new heights! 

We're still determined to get through the Winter without our heating & thanks to Rose...

We're doing it in style!
(She left them behind when she moved)

Time for bed & see you all soon.

Kay & Sime xx


just Gai said…
Aren't you worried about burst pipes? Our heating is on a thermostat which only kicks in when the temperature falls below 18 degrees. I've taken to sitting on the sofa wrapped up in a fleece blanket to keep me cosy.
Anonymous said…
Stay warm!!
Kath said…
You guys crack me up!
oooo you must be chilly! Love the hats though!
Gai - it very rarely gets below 4c in our part of Cornwall, but if it does - we might re-consider!

Mel & Sooz - thank you, we have thermal underwear & hot water bottles, so we're fine!

Kath - wait till we get on our home brew over Christmas...

K&S xx