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Travels With Porridge

As lots of you will be aware...we eat porridge every day.
When we go away, we take all our ingredients, pan and utensils so we can continue to eat it on the road.

We have recently introduced various hosts to the benefits of eating a daily bowl of what we call superfood porridge and have gone through the recipe with them, but we did promise to make a video too, so here it is!

It's funny, but we still get contacted by old blog followers and B&B guests from years ago asking us for a reminder of the recipe. 
Simon made it back then and would beautifully hand write the recipe out for anyone who requested it. One guest wrote to say after using Simon's recipe for years, she went and knocked a cup of coffee over it and could no longer read it, so this spurred us on to create a copy on our laptop and now we just press a couple of buttons and off it goes attached to an email (yes, we realise this technology has been around for a while, but still - it's a cool idea to us)!

We have written frequently about the recipe over the years and this is the up-to-date version we use today:

We don't have any berries at the moment, so they have been replaced with a dollop of myrtle confiture...or blueberry jam, as we say on the other side of the channel!

For us, porridge is a superior breakfast - it helps to keep our energy levels topped up, especially when working. 
It's a lovely comforting start to the day.
It supposedly lowers cholesterol and helps to stabilise blood sugar.

We hope that you will try it and do let us know what you think.

Love Kay and Sime xx