Natural Light

The Important Things

We are probably in a minority of people who hope that life will never return to the way it was.
We hope that people learn to be resilient and stop being materialistic.
Stop flying all over the world and stop shopping in supermarkets.
We would love to see people support local small businesses, watch their children thrive without government indoctrination, continue to unschool and slow there really any need to work so much?
Think about what you want to do with your life and if another pandemic happens in the future - where would you like to be?

We can highly recommend living simply, sharing with others in a community. 
Learning from each other, helping and supporting each other. 

Life really doesn't need to be a struggle - it can be wonderful, just set the intention and if you are living in an unhappy situation, work out a plan to make your life better. 
If we can do it...then anyone can!

We are very grateful to be here and to have a lovely farm family around us. 
Yes, we miss seeing our kidlets and friends, but we are lucky to be learning on a daily basis, to have access to the outdoors and to enjoy the company of great people and animals.  

We hope to see a shift in the way people live - time to get back to basics, time to grow food and spend time with people who will help you to grow too!

We know where we would rather be and that's here...what about you?

Sending you all much love, 
Kay and Sime