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In The Flow

There is real joy to be found when life takes you on interesting paths and you suddenly realise you are now doing that very thing you dreamed about.

When you think back to those first ideas many moons ago, you had no way of knowing how to get there, so you either gave up or worked hard to make it happen. As most of you know...we don’t work hard!

Striving for something doesn’t always seem healthy, it can become an obsession and will eventually separate you from the now...from connecting with life in the present moment.

We prefer a much more pleasant journey, exploring the little winding lanes which lead us in different directions and make life more interesting...the destination is set in our minds and we know that we’ll get there eventually!

This is how we live and travel - we always end up having little adventures on the’s what life should be all about.

Our dreams take shape from ideas and then long discussions (we can easily talk for hours and hours). We both get very enthusiastic once we start creating - it probably helps that we have a natural ability to conjure up images, painting virtual pictures and describing scenes with great detail to each other...most of it is just ridiculously bizarre, but sometimes we capture a tiny nugget that erupts like a volcanic explosion and we excitedly jet off together in this direction.

We fill our wish board (usually a door or wall) with images of whatever it is we desire and hold the vision in our minds...I like to think of it like a created memory placed inside a beautiful ornate box, which I hold deep in my heart. We don’t concern ourselves with the how’s, when’s and where’s, but instead continue to enjoy what each day holds and feel confident in the knowledge that our desires will present themselves when the time is right.

Nana Stip-Pep (Sime’s Stepmum) has always said that if we were any more laid-back, we’d be lying down...maybe that’s true, but this disposition thankfully enables us to focus on what we want, rather than what we don’t want. We have no need to dwell on things beyond our control; instead we go with the flow and continue to do whatever feels right. We tweak and adapt, trundling along in our parallel universe, travelling upstream to our little remote island of desire...and yes, our current wish board does have a photo of a wooden cabin on it’s own tiny island!!!

This doesn’t mean we ignorantly go through life thinking only of ourselves, in fact it’s quite the opposite...we deeply care about the world around us and all who reside here. We just wished that everyone had the foresight to recognise exactly what they are capable of doing and instead of struggling through life, could join us on this remarkable and exciting journey.

If you are indeed looking for some inspiration – we hope our blog will encourage your own path of discovery and empowerment.

Please do feel free to contact us on or comment on here to share your thoughts.

Lots of love, Kay (and Sime) xx 



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