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Where are We?


It’s 3 weeks since we finally moved into the cabin.

We are still upside down...well that’s not quite true, there is now some space and order to where our things live and we are gradually making the cabin our home.

We are also getting closer to realising a dream we first had over 30 years ago - to live off-grid and have our own power supply.

At the moment, we are reliant on mains electricity for our fridge, lighting, radio and a few kitchen appliances...blenders, grinders, etc, as well as charging devices. We don’t have internet and thought we’d see how we get on without it in the cabin and instead just continue to use a communal area on the farm to catch up with the outside world. We don’t have a phone signal in or outside the cabin either, which means we do feel a bit cut off, but pleasantly so.

I’m pretty sure we have written before on the blog about our desire to live off-grid...we are planning to have solar panels and I’m pushing for a small wind turbine. The cabin is south facing, so is perfect for catching the rays (when they appear of course) and we are in quite an elevated position, so get plenty of wind I write, this week’s storm is howling away outside!

We still find it hard to believe that we are living in the little wooden house of our dreams and each morning, when the sun rises this little haven fills with light. It has 7 windows, as well as French windows and another window and half glass door into the workshop, which has a perspex roof, so the whole building lights up on bright days and we feel the sun’s warmth heating the cabin really is quite wonderful!

It is just after 7am and it is still dark, I am writing by candle light...because I can and I love it. This is the scenario I have conjured up, the life I have desired since as far back as I can remember and the vision we have both had together.

As I write, I am watching the sun come up (hmm more like just getting lighter) and the trees waving in the wind, I can hear the owls tooting down in the valley below and the smaller birds tweeting in the garden...Such a lovely way to start the day and all while drinking a delicious pot of herbal tea - my own mix of camomile, lemon balm and lime flower. The large candle is collapsing in on itself, but I’m enjoying it’s glow and seeing the warm wax spill out...I’ll be able to pick it off the table later! This is everything I imagined, being here with all this and now I look over to the other end of the cabin where Sime is snoozing away, he is just a few feet away and I remember having this dream over and over again, visualising this very scene and now we are here.

Are you where you want to be? If so, how did you get there? And if not...what are you going to do about it?

Look forward to hearing your thoughts!

Lots of love,

Kay (& Sime) xx


Pattypan said…
So pleased for you both. Kay, I can feel the change in you. Your writing is different more fluid and uncontained. I like it. It suits you. A different kind of release. We meaning OH and myself recently stayed on Exmoor during all the horrendous bad weather and the river came up quite a bit. Had never been to Exmoor before but loved it. Just being out in nature. Hearing the Pheasants and Owls of a night and of a morning I would live off grid if circumstances permitted but OH is not so keen. Who knows what is round the corner. In the interim I am still preserving, crafting and messing around and trying new things every so often. Am going to have a go at making some Soy candles and also some soap which have never done before. OH is retired now and I was made redundant four years ago and he has bought a touring van so we have been going off on little visits here and there and enjoying it. Anyways, you two take care. Am glad you have landed somewhere that is right. Pattypan x
Hello Pattypan!
Thank you and lovely to hear from you!
Exmoor is wonderful and how great to have a touring van...we have one on our wish board!
Enjoy the candle and soap making!
Lots of love, K&S xx
Anonymous said…
Very beautifully written. So lovely to read that you see the beauty of it all. Amy🌝

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